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                                                                                                                                                            Starting At:                                                                Time


Women’s Cut                                        $42 and up                  1hr

          Shampoo, Cut, Blow Dry.

Deva Curl Cut                                       $50 and up                  1hr 30min

This service is for all the curly girls
          out there who wear it natural and

will continue to wear it natural...

 It takes time and cutting curly hair

 can not be rushed. This service includes

 cleansing and conditioning and lightly

 drying or leaving damp as to not dry out

 or frizz the curls. Please come in free of

 product and dried natural so that I can see

  where the curls lay.


Bang Trim                                            $7 and up                         15min

          Just a touch on the front, because they

           seem to lose their shape the quickest…


Men’s Cut                                            $20 and up                       30min

           Shampoo, Cut and Blow out.


Kid’s Cuts- 12 & Younger                        $17 and up                       30min

            Shampoo, Cut and Blow out.


NeckTrim-Men                                      $7 and up                         15min

            Just to freshen you up and keep you

             looking clean in between cuts.


                                                                                                                                                            Starting At                                                         Time                                      



Flat Iron or Curling Iron                          $10 and up                       15min

           Add this service to any Cut or Shampoo/

           Blow Out.  It will Optimize your style.


Deep Conditioner                                   $20 and up                       15min

           Add this service to any hair service for

           added strength and moisture to your hair.


Shampoo/Blow Out                                $25 and up                       45min

           Shampoo/Blow out for when you don’t

            have time or just because you deserve it.


Updo-Special Hair                                  $40 and up                 1hr 30min

           Together we will decide the LOOK for the

            occasion.  Please come in with Clean Dry

            hair (blow drying will be an extra charge),

            and try to wear a button up shirt for ease of

            changing when you get home.


                                                                                                                                                          Starting At                                                         Time                                                                                          



Add Color                                            $15 and up                       15min

            This is only for partial foils or full foils.


Base Color Retouch                               $60 and up                 1hr 30 min

            This service is for retouching new growth

             up to 1 ½ “ from the scalp and includes a

             blow out.


Full Color                                             $75 and up                  2hrs

             From scalp to ends… a full over color for

             virgin hair.


Full Foils-1 Color                                   $85 and up                  2hrs

             For those who need a retouch/refresh on

    the color from base out to 1 ½ “ of the



Partial Foils                                          $65 and up                  2hrs

              Foils of color hi-lites or low-lites front, sides,

              and lite blend in back leaving the depth of

               your own natural color on the bottom.  This

               service includes a blow out.


Specialty Color or Corrective Color           $0 and up                         15min

              This is a service that needs to have a

              consultation first… I believe in keeping

              the integrity of the hair intact.  I will not do

              something that your hair can not handle in

              my professional opinion.  I have been in this

              business for 25+ years, and there is a reason

              why my clients have healthy, beautiful hair.

                                                            Starting At                                                         Time        
Hair Removal/ Waxing

Brow Contouring                                    $15 and up                     15min
               This services for those who are getting it
               done for the first time.

Brow Clean-Up                                       $12 and up                     15min 

               To maintain a clean brow look

Underarms                                             $20 and up                     15min
                Hair must be at least a 1/4 inch to properly be

1/2 Leg                                                 $30 and up                     45min
                Knee to Ankle only

Full Leg                                                 $40 and up                1hr
                Ankle to top thigh (does not include bikini)

Inch In Bikini                                          $30 and up                     15min
                Bikini area with an inch in

Bikini                                                     $20 and up                     15min
                No inch in....

Brazillian                                                $60 and up                 1hr
                This Service starts with a "Base" price
                depending on the amount of work that
                needs to be done and whether of not this
                is the 1st one ever.  You will be given a
                quote before service is preformed.  Hair
                must be pre-trimmed or you will encounter
                an automatic $20 charge                                                                                               
Starting At                                                             Time       Natural Nails


Buff/Polish                                           $10 and up                       15min

       Just to refresh nails: remove old polish,

                 buff nails, reapply new polish…


Express Mani                                       $20 and up                        30min

        Soak, trim, glass file, massage, paint.


Express Pedi                                        $25 and up                        45min

        Soak, scrub, trim, file, quick massage,

        paint toes.


French or 2 (Two) Color Polish                $10 and up                        15min

        Applying a 2 tone color or the French

        polished look to fingers or toes.


Gel Polish Removal                                $10 and up                        15min

        Safely removing old gel polish.


Nail Art                                               $5 and up                         15min

        This service price varies on the availability

        of time and the difficulty of the design.


Spa Pedi                                              $35 and up                  1hr        

        Express Pedi with callus removal.


Royal Mani                                           $30 and up                       45min

        A longer version of the Express, just an

        added extra little touch your choice mask

        or longer massage…


Royal Pedi                                            $55 and up                 1hr 15min

        Indulge yourself in a Spa Pedi, with mask

        hot towels, longer massage…


Shellac Polish Application                        $35 and up                       45min

        Application of the Shellac Gel Color to

        natural nails.

                    ****Times are approximates and used for bookings****

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